Tony Ford

Tony is a Chartered Accountant, corporate financier and inspirational business strategist. Experienced, results driven Chairman and Non-Executive focused on providing strategic mentoring for established businesses to deliver growth and maximise shareholder value. Expertise across many B2B service sectors. An advocate in the use of data and technology to drive efficiency and provide added value wherever possible. Strong marketing, selling and negotiation skills. A business leader and exponent of core values instilling a team culture that inspires people to achieve personal goals and business objectives. Believer in employing the very best non execs to support businesses wherever possible and employing and incentivising key management to deliver performance. A serial entrepreneur and investor in a wide range of businesses many of which have been early stage and technology led. Tony has recently become an investor in Impact businesses which make a difference to society and has a keen interest in mentoring others and philanthropy through the Ford Family Foundation.