Bounceback fighting against food poverty

Bounceback was introduced to us by Manchester University

The Ford Family Foundation were introduced to Bounceback Food CIC through Manchester University. Bounceback was set up by Duncan Swainsbury, a former A-Level Maths and Economics teacher and alumni of the university. Having volunteered at a food bank whilst completing his PGCE, Duncan set up a market stall in Manchester operating a ‘buy one, give one’ ethos to provide staple food to people experiencing homelessness and those living in food poverty. Shortly after, he established a community cooking school team that provided emergency meals, cookery lessons and routes into employment for their beneficiaries in disadvantaged areas of Manchester.

By 2022 he had expanded Bounceback’s outreach work to 5 cities across the UK, building community cookery school teams to reach the most vulnerable and isolated in our communities. With teams at different stages of development they were supporting approximately 5,000 families experiencing food poverty each year.

To continue with their growth ambitions Bounceback required funding to create the infrastructure capable of supporting teams nationally in 20 UK cities by 2024 – enabling them to exponentially increase the number of families they support to over 25,000 per annum. The Ford Family Foundation are providing grant funding alongside mentorship to accelerate this national expansion and accompanying plans to open the first Bounceback cafe in Manchester.

Visit the Bounceback site